Jeremy Hunter @ Black Bear Lodge 26.05.13

Psychedelic rockers Soviet X-Ray Record Club started off proceedings on the Sunday night at Black Bear Lodge.  I really enjoyed their set, they have such a different sound, its kind of like part punk, part dreamy rock.

The next support band Moses Gunn Collective I enjoyed even more!  I’d heard of them, but never seen them live before.  Their Polyphonic Spree-esque robes were visually interesting, and they reminded me of a grungier version of Tame Impala.

Jeremy Hunter used to be part of Jeremy Hunter and the Inland Sea, but has decided to release his first solo EP, which is self-titled.  The turn out wasn’t too bad for a Sunday night in Brisbane, but it definitely could have been better.  Jeremy’s sound is nice, like a mixture of folk, rock and pop, but I would have preferred to hear him without his band.  It was just too full on with all the guitars, and confusing.  At an EP launch, I feel like musicians need to define their sound, and I walked away not knowing what that was.  There was nothing in his songs that excited me, and I actually found it a tad boring.  There were people in the audience who seemed to be enjoying it, so maybe it was just me, because it is not normally the kind of music I would listen to.  That being said, I usually enjoy most live music.

Jeremy said in an interview recently that is planning on playing some festivals later in the year, so maybe seeing him play in a different setting with a bigger crowd would enhance the overall atmosphere.  On this night at Black Bear though, it just didn’t work for me.

This is the new video for the single from the EP ‘Picking Up the Pieces’, let me know what you think.

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