Dear Anonymous & Street Pieces – Popalicious @ The Brisbane Powerhouse 25.05.13

Sometimes of a Saturday evening, all you need is a bit of soppy piano music and some sexed up rock n roll to get you through what could possibly be a long night.  On Saturday the 25th of May, this is exactly what the Brisbane Powerhouse’s and QUT’s Popalicious delivered to me.

The May installment of this wonderful, monthly free show saw Dear Anonymous (Julia Kourtidis) and Street Pieces take the stage for what turned out to be one hell of a good show. Two very different genres seamlessly made the night thoroughly entertaining and somehow managed to work it.

Dear Anonymous LIVE

The evening began in the turbine platform with a lonely Dear Anon in front of her keyboard. As I took my seat at the back of the audience, the room filled with Dear Anon’s signature melancholic piano sounds complimented by her powerful yet uniquely vulnerable vocals. Never in my life have I been so happy to hear such sad and moving lyrics. Weird right? I’m a huge fan of Julia’s work, so to finally see her perform live was a lovely experience. Despite the expected “Sleep City Cry” and “Only Ones”, Dear Anon debuted a few new songs from her upcoming EP including “So They Say” “Gold Hatted” and “Violent Lover”.

One of the reasons I really enjoy Dear Anon’s music is because of her lyrics. Some songwriters have the ability to tell you a lifetime’s story in less than 5 minutes; Julia is definitely one of these  individuals. Her newest tracks tell stories, especially “Violent Lover”; you can guess what that song is all about.

Dear Anonymous ended her set with by far one of the best Blink 182 covers I’ve ever heard. She taunted the audience with a “bonus points if you can guess the song” statement and then somehow managed to turn pop-punk into a heart wrenching ballad.  Her homage to “All The Small Things” did the song complete justice. My only problem with her set is that I felt it didn’t go on for long enough… not long enough for me to quench my Dear Anonymous thirst anyway.

The night turned from an intimate show into a performance meant for thousands once Street Pieces took the stage. These boys of rock understand their audience 100% and managed to begin their set with a respectful transition from the preceding artist.

Courtesy of Joy Kelly

Courtesy of Joy Kelly

It’s not the first time I’ve seen the boys rock out on stage and I was so pleased to see how respectful they were of Julia’s style in beginning their set. Front man Ben Tilney took the stage alone with his acoustic guitar and began with ‘Rise Up’. About a minute or so into the song, his fellow band members joined him on stage to make the song sound larger than life.

Attempting to express how entertaining Street Pieces shows actually are in writing could never do the boys justice. Mr Tilney however knows how to steal the spotlight, he is the perfect front man that makes these boys stand out. There’s something about his stage presence that just draws you in, whether that be his crazy energy and dance moves or his ability to wrap a crowd around his little finger and get them involved in the show.

Like Dear Anonymous, Street Pieces debuted a few new tracks throughout the night, my standouts being “Eighth Deadly Sin” & “Run”. “Eighth Deadly Sin” gets me excited…  that shit is sexy, whilst “Run” has Alex Miller performing the most killer electric guitar solo in it (despite on the night breaking one of his strings – that’s how hard these boys rock out).

Street Pieces ended the night with “Wings” a song they claim is about dragons. Now that’s rock and roll. Ben’s vocal range shines within this track, as it builds and builds to a crazy high-pitched scream at the end. The song was the perfect song to end the set and the night with.

May’s Popalicious certainly did not disappoint me at all. This free event takes place on the 4th Saturday of each month, is free and is for all ages (FYI there was the cutest 5 year old rocking out to Street Pieces all night). You can keep up to date on all Brisbane Powerhouse events here.

If you want to get to know Julia from Dear Anonymous a little better, I interviewed her over here. To keep up to date with Dear Anonymous and her upcoming EP shenanigans or have a listen to her work all the links are below,





The next Street Pieces gig will be at the Penny Lane Music Festival on June 16, event details are here, make sure you check them out! All their links to listen and stalk are below as per usual,






More Street Pieces tracks are available to listen & purchase via the Indie 100 Bandcamp page.

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