The Mouldy Lovers, Brother Fox, Clare Quinn and Hushka (3Form Productions Showcase) – 31.05.13

finaleWhat better place to showcase local film and music talent than in the opulent Tribal Theatre?  3Form Productions – a local production company who work closely with local artists – hosted the night.  Thanks to them, we were treated to some cool band interviews from the Indie 100 project, which you should check out on YouTube.

The show really built up well.  Hushka opened with a slightly nervous, but solid performance. Musically it all came together; with some well placed pauses before the drop back into the music.  Jack Paterson’s voice was an aural treat. He sings like Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol) and Hushka’s effects laden music has been well written to suit his style.  With a bit of a tweak to their stage presence, all the elements will come together for a must-see live group.

Not having seen her before, I was delightfully surprised by Clare Quinn’s repertoire.  Clare carries a versatile voice, but the great thing was that her band weren’t relegated to the background.  They were so cohesive together that Clare was less the lead singer, more the seventh instrument.  Songs changed pace cleverly, and the set flung around folk, jazz and even R’n’B.  There was even a well performed Serbian song, with the tempo continually increasing until I feared for the drummer’s life.


Photo by Dean Swindell

After 3Form’s show-reel, Brother Fox graced the stage with their typical verve, complete with trademark coloured chinos!  The recent Triple J Unearthed chart conquerors take the simplest of themes and turn them into something worth dancing to.  It’s amazing watching the effect that reggae vocal style has on the crowd. It’s not my usual genre of choice, but their live performance begs to be seen.

The Moudly Lovers ended the night vibrantly. What a melting pot of sounds and genres – I feel like I was taken on a world tour.  I suppose with a guitar, bass, drums, two trumpets, a sax and an accordion, you can afford to mix it up!  What a visual feast too, such an eclectic collection of attires and personality.  The driving brass section would not be out of place at a mariachi street party.  They really kept the show cohesive, even as different members sang, or vocals were left out entirely.  You felt like you were part of one big jam session, causing many in the audience to dance with abandon.  Rightly so.


Photo by Dean Swindell

I’d love to be able to say which of these bands to see, but honestly they are so different from each other that each set was special in its own way.  Kudos to 3Form for bringing together such a range of bands that may otherwise have never played together!

I’ll leave you with this clip from the 3Form showreel:

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