The Cat Empire – Steal the Light

The Cat Empire is back with their sixth studio album, Steal The Light. The funky guys from Melbourne have added their awesome fusion of ska, jazz and rock to their independently produced album. The album opens with Brighter than Gold, their first single from the album and arguably one of the best songs the Cat Empire has produced, although in writing that sentence I realise that that’s a big call. Other highlights on the album include the title track to the album, Go and Wild Animals. The rest of the album lends itself to a nice relaxing tone. Some slow serenades and some mellow tracks that contrast the jazzy party songs well sort of a big night/morning after deal. It is a great album and perfect for the Cat Empire fan. One more thing about the beautiful cover art, Graeme Base, beloved children’s book author and illustrator designed the cover for Steal the Light and in my opinion it is one of the greatest covers I have ever seen. See for your self below (Click on the cover for a bigger version).


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