LeSuits – Snuts

LeSuits seem to barrelling forward non-stop since I first met them at the then named 100 Songs Project, where they recorded the popular ‘Fiddly Bits.”  They’ve recently released their first music video, supported Osaka Punch at their farewell show and have a stack of gigs under their belt.  lesuitsSelf-described as a “hard funk musical burrito”, it’s true that there are not enough adjectives in the dictionary to quite describe the LeSuits experience.

Their latest five track EP, Snuts is equal parts funny and rambunctious. According to the band, Snuts is defined as “a vague amount of non-specific objects.”  Thankfully there is nothing vague about this EP.  Each track is carefully produced and mixed within an inch of its life to achieve the distinctive LeSuits sound.  Each instrument is crisp and clearly heard despite the number of players, and the main vocal rise cleverly out of them.  Your ears are treated to something a little different each time – check out the spacey start to ‘Requiem’, or the riff driven grunt of ‘E.A.T.R’.

There are a couple of uncertain moments.  The third track ‘Nipple’ consciously begins and ends in a comical way that doesn’t match the level of cleverness I usually expect from the band.  Thankfully this remains a pleasantly groovy track, and you remember that this band specialise in quirky without compromising on song-writing.  There’s also a weird secret ending to ‘E.A.T.R’ (EP version). which seems unnecessary and a bit too out there for my taste, but it certainly fits in with the group’s pazazz.

SNutsI absolutely adore ‘Fanta’ (yes, think of the soft drink), it’s well written and  backs off at the right times so that you can savour the musical experience. As well as the structure, the rhythm is beautiful and the lyrics are witty throughout – my first reaction at the end of the song was to hit play again.  ‘Pork Sandwich’ is a fantastic opener which sums up LeSuits perfectly, and kudos for that insanely enjoyable brass melody.  The end of the song leads straight into ‘Requiem’, which itself subtly builds up energy until you are treated to a sonic feast in the last minute or so.

Overall, it’s a really beautiful EP that you must hear for yourself.  LeSuits have a live performance which is absolutely mind-blowing and fills the room with energy.  I can already envisage these songs taking their performance to the next level – and you can stream them for free here.  If you want more, you can get a preview of a LeSuits performance on YouTube, and also find them on iTunes and Spotify.

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