Josef Salvat – Hustler

josef salvatI’ve recently stumbled upon London based Australian singer songwriter Josef Salvat. His debut single ‘This Life’  was released in February 2013 and attracted a great deal of international recognition from the likes of Zane Lowe (BBC Radio 1) and Paul Lester (The Guardian) and topped the HypeMachine ‘no remixes’ chart.

In my opinion, Josef’s second release ‘Hustler’ is even better than the first. His voice draws similarities to James Blake in that it is somewhat sullen and soft; however, still retains a special originality, with an impressive range that sees him hitting high notes with ease. The song begins simply, with piano and beautiful vocals. The chorus kicks in with heavy drums beats creating a contrast against the subtle piano, adding to the strings and percussion to create a multi-layered masterpiece. Additionally, the lyrics are incredibly moving:

I’ve got the heart of a hustler with a hustler’s pain. 
I’ve got the heart of hustler with a hustler’s shame. 
I’ve got the body of a lover with a massachist’s brain. 
I’ve got the heart of a hustler I’m playing a dangerous game.

My only disappointment is that I didn’t hear of Josef Salvat earlier. I’ve got no doubt that there’s big things to come from him in 2013.

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