Aus Hip Hop @ Caxton Street Festival 05.05.13

I was a Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival virgin.  My visions were of older, posh Paddington folk dining on Lobster and people too busy downing schooners to listen to any music.  There were people of that description there, but Caxton Street exceeded all my expectations!  I volunteered at the festival doing the early shift, so I got to finish at 2pm and enjoy the show.

I only caught the end of Deadly Award nominee Lady Lash‘s set, however what I did see made me wish I had gotten there earlier.  She combines rapping with a jazz/soul sort of style and it works for her.  Stay tuned for her debut album later this year under new name Crystal Mercy.


Sydney duo Mind Over Matter were the next act I sought out to watch, as their catchy new single ‘Real Life’ has been getting a thrashing on Triple J lately.  Their energy was infectious and the boys looked like they were having heaps of fun as they bounced around the stage. The crowd was more receptive towards the end of the set, and at one point MC Smiles hilariously pretended to cook with the utensils on the cooking demonstration platform in front of the stage.  I really enjoyed their performance and am looking forward to seeing them again soon.  They are currently touring nationally.

Deadly Award Winners Yung Warriors came on just as the sun set, and more of a crowd were up the front having a dance.  The boys smashed it, I couldn’t fault them.  ‘Blaze it up’ was probably one of my favourites, and they played hit single ‘Standing Strong‘ last.  With his deep husky vocals, Danny kind of reminds me of an indigenous Notorious B.I.G.  All the acts at the festival had short time slots, but I was not disappointed with the beats they managed to fit into their half an hour of power!


Chance Waters obviously wasn’t told of his stage time limit, he had to bargain with the stage manager to play his last two songs ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ and ‘Young and Dumb’.  I saw Chance at the Big Pineapple Festival a few weeks earlier, and I think I liked this set better, even though the end was rushed and there were less people in the crowd.  It felt more intimate, like he was just speaking to his mates or something, and I really enjoyed listening (and staring *drool*) to him switch from rapping to his indie/pop choruses.

Of no relevance to Caxton Street Festival, here is a Rapper Tag video of Chance when he was known as Phatchance, for no other reason apart from the fact that I love Rapper Tag (and I love his hairstyle in this clip).

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