Flume @ The Riverstage 07.05.13


Photo by Patrick Stevenson

21 year old Harley Streten AKA Flume recently wrapped up his first national headline tour “The Infinity Prism Tour”, selling out venues in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Flume was on his game more than ever, with an energy that showcased his passion for music and gratitude towards the audience. The crowd rejoiced at the start of every new track, actually practically the whole show, proving how well received his debut album has been.

Support act Chet Faker was a fantastic addition to the tour, not only because he is an incredibly talented musician and features on Flume’s debut album, but also because he can pull a decent crowd of his own. It was unfortunate however, to hear the predominantly underage mosh pit chanting “FUCK OFF! WE WANT FLUME!” throughout his entire set.


Photo by Patrick Stevenson

The Brisbane Riverstage is one of my favourite venues, with 9000 people dancing around a grassed amphitheatre set in the Botanical Gardens, with the river as the stage backdrop, it sounds idyllic. My only quarrel is that generally, all ages events SUCK. I don’t particularly appreciate being threatened with cancelling a gig because the “kids” in the mosh pit won’t “settle down” and be safe. I’m sorry, but if you’re in a mosh pit you should know what you’re in for.

I’ve seen Flume play a few times and there’s no doubt that he is a fantastic and innovative electronic producer; however, I initially chose not to buy a ticket to this gig because I have seen him several times and his sets get somewhat repetitive. In saying that, the addition of the infinity prism (though it was quite small) and fantastic lighting and visual effects, as well as Mr. Chet Faker, made the show 200 percent better.


Photo by Patrick Stevenson

If I had to pinpoint a highlight of the show, it would have to be when he played a nameless unreleased song. It gave us a taste of what is yet to come from Flume which by the sounds of it, might feature a bit of Trap. Another highlight was definitely the live collaboration of ‘Left Alone’ with Chet Faker. The two clearly feed off each other’s energy and Chet’s voice was flawless throughout the performance.

All in all, “The Infinity Prism Tour” was a spectacle and it’s commendable to see such a talented young producer be recognised for his work on such a massive scale. I’m looking forward to the next Flume release, who knows what venues he could be playing next!

Check out the photos from the Brisbane show here.

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