Dear Anonymous – The Sound, The Inspiration & The Girl Behind It All

Dear Anonymous - Julia Kourtidis

Dear Anonymous’ Julia Kourtidis is definitely one hell of a busy woman. Between juggling a masters degree, the INDIE 100, EP recordings and various other projects, this girl has barely anytime to sleep. This week, I was lucky enough to steal a few minutes away from Julia to get the lowdown on the sweet sounds she’s been creating in her first ever Dear Anonymous interview.

So first off, do you mind describing the style of music Dear Anonymous creates?

Dear Anon is all about the melancholy feels. There are those days when you feel sad, and you just want to listen to sad music. Just curl up in bed and wallow in it. When I’m writing, I know I’m doing a good job when I’m feeling well and truly morose. So I guess you could say my musical style is sad. Sad love.

I must admit the name Dear Anonymous intrigues me, how did you decide on this name?

My songs are generally centered on someone’s personal story.  A relationship between two people, the way one is feeling about the other. Before I had a name, I was looking over my lyrics and they seemed like a bunch of love letters, but to no one in particular. To everyone, whoever listens to my music. So Dear Anonymous is kind of like my address to the listener, Dear Anon, I don’t know who you are, but this is for you.

Most musicians have a story behind how they got into music, what’s yours?

Oh wow, well, I started playing piano when I was about 3, so I guess I’ve always been into music. My parents and sister, they’re all musicians, I grew up surrounded by an extremely broad range of genres and styles. I did my Bachelor of Music at QUT, which involved playing in a heap of bands, with a heap of different musicians, and Dear Anonymous has evolved out of that.

What is it that inspires your music?

To be honest, the majority of my lyrical inspiration comes from TV shows. Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy – watching break-up scenes, or perhaps someone dying, occasionally a character will say something incredibly poignant and it can spark an entire song.

I’ve always found it interesting to know whether an artist writes the lyrics to a song first or whether they write the music first. Which is it for you?

It depends, sometimes I’ll have just a sentence and I think ‘that would make a great lyric’ and I’ll end up composing around that. Occasionally I’ll be mucking around on the piano and I’ll play something I think is nice, so I’ll make lyrics to fit into the music.

Your latest release Sleep City Cry, has a certain beautiful sadness to it. If you could describe this track in 5 words or less, what would they be?

Has. A. Certain. Beautiful. Sadness. Ha, but seriously that’s tricky, it’s a song about lost love in the city so five words would be…melancholy, uplifting, letting love go.

You have a gig coming up at the Brisbane Powerhouse on the 25th of May as a part of QUT’s monthly Popalicious event with the lovely boys from Street Pieces. Is there anything in particular you are looking forward to about this show?

Well I’ll be debuting tracks from the upcoming EP so it’ll be great to hear some feedback. It’s always a pleasure to perform at the Powerhouse, I very rarely perform live so when I do it’s fantastic to be playing at such an amazing venue. Also I’m a massive Street Pieces fan.

Finally, what can we expect from Dear Anonymous in the future?

Well, we’re currently tracking for the new EP, which is pretty exciting, but I’ll also be working with some film and TV people later this year… which is also pretty exciting. Other than that hopefully I’ll be scheduling some more live performances leading up to the release of the EP!

Below is Dear Anonymous’ latest track “Sleep City Cry”  which premiered on The Sunday Wash Up With Dave a few weeks ago (the song begins at 36 seconds) please have a listen – you won’t regret it!

We here at Mind The Music support local artists (Cubs Scouts, The Trouble With Templeton, The Hungry Kids of Hungary, Whipbird) so If you want to have a listen to more tracks from Dear Anonymous (& support the Brisbane/Australian music scene), check out Dear Anonymous‘ Bandcamp & Unearthed pages or have a listen to “Sleep City Cry” over on Spotify. Also, feel free to check out what’s going on in the world of Dear Anonymous through their Facebook page!

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