The Trouble With Templeton – Touring and Recording, ‘Like a Kid’


The Trouble With Templeton are leading a busy life lately, what with touring North America and finishing their new album. I had a lot to ask drummer Ritchie Daniell and thankfully, he was happy to find time to fill me in on the band’s doings.  Enjoy!

How was the North American tour? Any highs and lows?
Tour was great, it was my first time in the States and had heard a lot of good things prior to going. To be honest I was expecting to feel a bit lost in the big hype and hustle of some of the bigger places, but I definitely feel we found a great momentum, which lead to meeting lots of great people and musicians and having some really fun playing experiences.

What were some individual memorable moments, on stage or off?
Hugh fell in love with a stripper and I think she fell in love with him too, that was a fun night….

SWSX is huge, and you were there for a few days. What did you get up to? Who did you get to see?
I went and saw Death Grips in the Boiler Room. That was the loudest gig I had been too in ages, I think they had speakers set up every 5 meters in room so you had this great aural sensation as you walked to different areas and encountered fazing between speakers. There were so many great gigs that I saw in a range of venues. Eating and boozing wise I really like hanging on the south side of town down South Congress Ave.

Tell me about your upcoming album. What sounds can we expect hear?
I feel like we have been able create a large palate of music on this album that’s all honest from our end; and by that I mean we are only into presenting songs and sounds that resonate within ourselves. We each have so many different musical influences (Sam definitely draws at time from modern classical harmony) that you can hear throughout the album.

What are some of your inspirations behind your songs?
In this album each song is dealing with relationships but from different perspectives. With changing viewpoints, each song examines different issues that present themselves in relationships.

And what are some tracks to listen out for?
It really depends what your vibes is. I really like ‘Whimpering Child’, I feel like it explores some of the improvised elements of our live show.

I understand you’re finishing up in Brisbane this month. How did the recording sessions go with Matt Redlich?
Redlich is such a badass, it really feels like he is part of the band. It’s hard to explain the musical bond we all have with him and because Grandma’s Place is always so positive and honest we were really able to create stuff that we are proud of. He’s our homie 4evs.

What were some tough, or notable moments in making the album?
I don’t want to sounds like a dickhead in their first job interview but the tough part for me is being a perfectionist and wanting everything to be as relevant as possible. I think we learnt so much in the US as a band that when I came back to re-visit the drum tracks that I had recorded prior to leaving I wanted to re-do some of them. Not cause they are bad, but because I think some things I would play differently now. I guess one of the tough parts of recording for me is knowing when a track is done.

Ritchie also talked about their recent release ‘Like a Kid’.

‘Like a Kid’ is a beautifully dark, pumping track.  The song has lost the that indie folk feel that was so prevalent in Bleeders – the bass is huge and the drums provide a massive punch (at all the right times). But thankfully Thomas Calder’s vocals are in no way overshadowed by the extra musical grunt.

I think it best to let Ritchie finish the rest:

Your single ‘Like a Kid’ came out last month. What is the song about? What does it mean to you?
It’s essentially about the character blaming everyone else for their problems. Them wanting to change things in themselves but never do.

What made you go with the macabre like theme for the video clip?
I think the characters in the clip reflect certain aspects of each band member’s personality and it just seemed comical to present it in this way. We also missed out on Halloween last year.

A big thank you to Ritchie for his time!  He told me that fan feedback has been encouraging, and I can understand why.  If this is but a taste of the upcoming album then we have a lot to look forward to!

Expect The Trouble With Templeton’s album in August 2013.

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