Whipbird – Whipbird EP

Whipbird EP Artwork

Brisbane based folk-quartet Whipbird a few months ago released their self titled EP for 2013. Previously known as Sweet Fawn, the all female ensemble has rejuvenated to bless our ears with some seriously whimsical indie folk tracks.

In the shortest terms possible, the five tracks on this EP are simply beautiful. This is the kind of music that you’d take 20 minutes out of your evening just to sit around in some candlelight, with a cider or a glass of wine, and just dream of beautiful country sides and wistful adventures away.

Lead singer Vanessa Hodgins sings of love and life as if they were sprinkled with daisies and forget-me-nots, yet are seamlessly burden with the painful thorns of a rose bush. It’s the perfect balance of happiness and sadness bundled into one.

Expect a string charged blend of hope, contentment and sorrow with soaring cello sounds and bluesy undertones. In my mind, this is indie folk music at its finest.

As always, I’ll let you be the judge of their sound by leaving you with some places of where to find and listen to these lovely, creative ladies. Before hand though, here’s the video clip to one of the EP’s tracks, “Pretty For The Dirt”.

You can purchase Whipbird from iTunes here, via Amazon here or you can have a listen to them via Spotify.

Where else to find Whipbird:



Triple J Unearthed


Are you a fan of folk music? Are you a new fan of Whipbird? Like always, let me know all your wonderful thoughts in the comments below or via twitter (@morgannjames)!

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