Bryan Adams @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre 27.04.13

Since the ripe age of seven I’ve loved Bryan Adams, albeit a one-sided relationship. I remember getting his albums for christmas and singing along to every word, while my friends were listening to Avril Lavigne and Aqua. Seeing Bryan Adams play live meant reliving my youth, though not in the same way that most of his vintage would be – I didn’t experience the ‘Summer of 69’… I was born in 1992.

This particular concert was extra special in that I had a ‘meet and greet’ with Bryan Adams – a birthday present for my mum that I happily forked out the $$ to come along to. Call me a sucker but for me front row seats, signed memorabilia, a photo and meeting the man himself was money well spent.


(Photo: Samantha Shakspeare)

As soon as he walked on stage there was no looking back, this was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to (and I like to think I’ve been to my fair share). It was refreshing to hear some real rock music with a band that were genuinely having a great time.

The song ’18 ‘Til I Die’ was a true indicator of his life and presence, as Bryan ran and danced around the stage for two and a half hours without an interval. His passion for music is undeniable and something that I think bands of my era should pay attention to. If a 53 year old man can run around for two hours, they have no excuse for standing on stage like dead fish.

Lead guitarist Keith Scott has a talent to be reckoned with, his shredding was incredible, a true musician whose energy was infectious as he ran around the stage and had ‘shred-offs’ (if that’s a thing) with Bryan. The band played an acoustic version of ‘If You Leave Me (Can I Come Too)’ complete with percussion in the form of plastic buckets, strainers, pots and pans. They’re pretty cool and very multitalented old guys.

In my opinion the best rendition of the evening was ‘Please Forgive Me’, partly because it’s my favourite Bryan Adams song and my wedding song (sorry future husband, it’s already been decided), but also because of his emotional influence over the crowd and flawless performance. Check out my awesome phone recording skills:

I have nothing bad to say about the Brisbane show, only that I wish I was the girl who he serenaded in the crowd or the one who got up to sing ‘Baby When You’re Gone’ with him. Mind you, the girl who went on stage was great and deserved to be up there, she was completely tone deaf but regardless had the whole crowd laughing and dancing as if Melanie Chisholm was on stage with her.

Bryan Adams is one of the loveliest and most humble musicians I’ve met. He is not only an incredibly talented musician, but one who is utterly enthralling on stage. Originally I bought these tickets for my Mum but if I get another opportunity to see Bryan Adams perform, there’s no doubt I’ll be that girl on stage singing ‘Baby When You’re Gone’.

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