Movement festival cancelled


To say I was disappointed at hearing last Thursday’s news of Hip Hop festival Movement being cancelled would be a very large understatement.

With myself being somewhat of a music festival volunteer ‘veteran’, I had potentially lined up a gig volunteering at Movement (what better way is there for poor ass uni students like myself to see free live music whilst gaining valuable music industry and festival management experience?).  I now understand why nobody had replied to my emails for several weeks.

The ‘Nas curated’ event was cancelled due to Visa issues and court battles… blah blah, nothing out of the ordinary in the troubled world of Hip Hop stars.  The ironic thing is, festival organisers Live Nation had intended for Movement to quash the bad rep that Hip Hop festivals have in Australia!

The news of the cancelled festival was posted on their Facebook page.  Angry rants ensue.

Ah well, maybe sometime in the future they will sort their shit out.  Until then, this video will have to suffice.

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