Cheated Hearts at Alloneword – Friday 15th March


Cheated Hearts is a club night for the queer friendly, and I went to the check it out at Alloneword.

DJ duo Dotwav started the night off, and despite opening the night, they kept the energy up.  Along with lots of bouncing, the pair kept the set fresh with some cool electronic sounds.  Even I, who admittedly prefers live bands to DJs, kept a keen ear out for the sounds they would pump out next.

But Jane Doe was the highlight of the night for me, she read the mood of the room unlike any other DJ.  At one point, a pop track seamlessly transitioned into a dubstep mix without changing the groove.  There were just enough slower beats to break up the dance tracks, and the crowd were able to sustain their energy throughout the entire set.

All in all, great to see a bunch a DJs who play refreshingly non-repetitive sets – how fantastic to not hear three Pitbull tracks in the space of fifteen minutes.  Yes. This has happened to me.  I only wish there was more of a light show for the DJs.  Alloneword itself has little lighting, and would definitely benefit from some a cool lighting equipment to compliment the music.

For me, the best thing about Cheated Hearts is the absence of the ‘hook-up’ mood – something which infests a lot of queer events.   But Cheated Hearts is welcoming; you want to stay, not hook up and run away.  It’s definitely a place to bring your mates and unwind.  Alloneword is built into an alley though, so expect to get cozy!  If you can grab the side seating, you’re set for the night.  Just make sure you bring your partner to dance with – you’re going to be very close on the floor.

Cheated Hearts is definitely appealing to the L of LGBT.  There were very few guys there, which is a shame because it’s such an enjoyable atmosphere.  Perhaps it’s because guys are looking for the hook up, but it’d be a great night for male couples and friends.  There are so few decent LGBT nights in Brisbane so I hope they do come out and make the most of such a great event.

Cheated Hearts returns to Alloneword on April 26.

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