Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience


It’s been seven years since JT released Future Sex/Love Sounds and honestly when listening to The 20/20 Experience, it’s as if no time has passed at all. Justin Timberlake has not changed musically. In fact, if anything, I think he’s lost his way. The 20/20 Experience is a 12 track album that runs for 80 minutes. That means that the average song is about six and a half minutes long, keep that in mind when I say that the album has about 30 minutes of quality at best. Each song goes too long and features way too much filler between vocals and the next track. It’s almost like they didn’t know how or when to end each song.

Not only that, all in all the songs aren’t that good. The few good parts of each song are overshadowed by the long wait for the next high point. the first single “Suit & Tie” was not received well, and it had me worried about this album. “Mirrors” however restored some faith, but I probably should have gone with my original feeling. While it’s good to hear Justin again (and his voice is still so good) I still prefer his work with the Lonely Island. Hopefully he’ll appear on their new album this year and JT will be back in my good books. Songs to look out for are “Suit & Tie”, which has started to grow on me, “Mirrors”, a proper r’n’b song in my opinion, and the two songs at the end of the album, “Dress On”, and “Body Count”.

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