Thelma Plum – Rosie EP

486114_479360172113063_301969766_nThelma Plum’s debut EP “Rosie” is the bee’s knees. A one-of-a-kind voice from a one-of-kind girl, the EP is a short and sweet emotional roller coaster that explores the highs and lows of relationships, life and everything in between. Her angelic voice and quirky on-stage mannerisms define her originality and there is no doubt that Thelma Plum is by far one of the most talented artists to be unearthed in 2012. Quite frankly, she’s my new girl crush. One thing I’ve realised about “Rosie” is that I could probably write the same description for every song but in saying that, I  have literally been listening to it on repeat for weeks.

Each track on the EP are relatively similar, apart from their tempo and melody, with uncomplicated guitar riffs and chord progressions and a simple upbeat chorus, there’s not much that can go wrong. Thelma’s EP is in no way adventurous or out of the ordinary but in this case that’s no downfall, actually quite the opposite. I don’t think anyone can make saying ‘fuck’ sound so sweet and innocent.

576902_483986658317081_437485006_nThelma couldn’t have chosen a better first release than ‘Father Says’. Timed at just under two minutes, it’s short, sweet and full of energy. ‘Around Here’ is her most recent release and definitely the catchiest track on the EP; however, my favourite is ‘Breathe In Breathe Out’. Her voice is flawless in every track but in ‘Breathe In Breath Out’ she takes it to another level of angelic perfection. Additionally, the composition of the piano, violins, lyrics and melody work in sync to create an emotional connection with the listener that is no less than spellbinding.

In my recent interview with Thelma she said that ‘King’ draws on both her experiences and that of others, `The EP is written about me, which is a bit selfish writing about myself, but then I guess ‘King’ isn’t about anybody in particular but just about relationships in general. You can get a little bit lost and infatuated when you’re in love and you start to blow off or not realise the bad things and then you can get hurt.”

Thelma writes like someone well beyond her years and at the young age of 18, I can only assume that there are much grander things coming from this small town sweetheart within the next year – starting with supporting Elizabeth Rose on her national tour in April. All in all, Thelma Plum’s debut EP “Rosie” is beautifully constructed and wholesome, as she explores a spectrum of emotion that we can all relate to.

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