Flight Facilities New Track 'Clair De Lune'

Aussie Disco-Pop duo Flight Facilities have kept fans waiting, always taking ample time between their releases but finally I understand why. Released on November 6, Flight Facilites’ new track Clair De Lune is a seven minute masterpiece.

A tribute to Claude Debussy, the track is a beautiful and moving soundscape, with subtle sounds that blend so perfectly with the soft vocals of Christine Hoberg. Playful acoustic guitar and pulsating synths add to the immensity of the song without making it burst at the seams.

Flight Facilities have somehow created a track that wholly encapsulates its surroundings, with no need for a ‘sticky’ pop riff or chorus. Clair De Lune is not only a massive progression from the upbeat disco-groove of the duo’s other tracks like Crave You and With You, but an astonishingly different sound that reaches far beyond standard disco music, into the realm of avant-garde electronica and then further into the reaches of the musical unknown.

With over 90,000 Sound Cloud plays in three days and nothing but wonder and praise in the blogosphere and beyond, if you have a listen you’ll understand what all the fuss is about. Clair De Lune really is what dreams are made of.

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