Matchbox Twenty (with Evermore and Special Guests, INXS) @ Brisbane Ent. Centre

Matchbox Twenty are currently touring to promote and play songs from their new album “North”. They have special guests INXS touring Australia with them and supporting act Evermore. Not a bad combo if you ask me. It made for one hell of a Saturday Night.

Kicking off the night Evermore played a few of their hits from their early days and a few of their new stuff. And look I like them live, I’ve seen them before they can perform very well. I just don’t want to talk about them that much because well they were out-shined to say the least by the next two acts to rock the stage.

The crowd were ecstatic when INXS took the stage and opened with ‘Suicide Blonde’. I’ll take this point to comment on their new lead singer Ciaran Gribbin. He can sing I’ll give him that. He can even sing INXS which is great! However his stage presence, while good made me thing he was trying to be Robbie Williams, in truth though that is the only negative from the show… so all in all a minor issue. Nevertheless, the band were every bit as amazing as I hoped. I’d never seen INXS live before but I am so glad that I did. They are a band that have always been able to cheer me up, or to use a song lyric as a pun… mystify me. Now when you talk INXS and a new frontman… Michael Hutchence will always come up. INXS always tribute their first lead singer who tragically died in 1997. This show was no different, dedicating ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ to the former lead singer, the song featured a moment of silence for Hutchence and also gave Kirk Pengilly time to move up in to the crowd to play the sax solo (best moment of the night). The original members of INXS proved that age will definitely not be their downfall. They kept up with their young and enthusiastic frontman and two smokin’ hot back up singers that scored a lead role in ‘Calling all Nations’. There was no better way to celebrate 25 years of “Kick” than with INXS performing everyone of their greatest hits. What a night! But it was not over yet!

Matchbox Twenty took the stage. And the crowd, who you’d think would have lost their voices and killed their hands after the rousing send off they gave INXS, erupted once more. After all it is Matchbox Twenty a band that since 1996 have cemented themselves in the minds of so many members of Gen Y. They played a few songs from their new album “North” but mostly their hits from the good old days and “Exile on Mainstream” (2007). The band and Rob Thomas was brilliant live and they had so much energy. A very fun and enjoyable gig that went on for over 2 hours sprinkled with hits. Only down side is that I felt that the songs that are great to end on were played too early on. Other than that the gig was amazing and well worth going to and naturally prompted listening to Matchbox 20 & INXS on the drive home too!

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