Something For Kate – Leave Your Soul to Science (Album Review)

Something for Kate, more specificaly, Paul Dempsey has been a big part of my music experience. It’s something about his voice and his songwriting that will get me every time. The music that the band creates is so beautifully mellow with small elements of rock… I could listen to it in almost any mood. The band’s new album “Leave Your Soul to Science” is no different. It’s been six years since their last studio album “Desert Lights” and its great to hear from them again.

For those of you who are unaware of Something for Kate, you may remember this song…

Oh and they have a smokin’ hot bass player… which always works for me!

So “Leave Your Soul to Science” is perfectly Something for Kate. As much as I love bands that change their focus every now and then its equally as great to have bands that improve on their own sound. The album opens with ‘Star-Crossed Citizens’ and it kicks off with Dempsey’s mellow lyrics and a riff that rolls into a ‘same-same-but-different’ SFK chorus. We are then pleasured by the albums first single ‘Survival Expert’. Which in my opinion is why the band is one of the quintessential Australian bands of the last few decades. Despite six years of not being much of a band… they really are survival experts. This brings us to ‘Private Rain’… I tend to be a fan of track three on most albums. I think it can tell a lot about the sort of person you are. This song has a good build up so a simple chorus that highlights Dempsey’s upper range and guttering skills too.

‘The Kids will get The Money’ has an underlying 7/4 bass line which sounds fantastic. ‘Sooner or Later You’re Gonna Have to Do Something About Me’ again puts Dempsey’s vocals at the top of the priorities list with a nice falsetto it’s a really good example of the mellow rock that SFK are known for. ‘Miracle Cure’ is a bit of an anthem. Al Newsted from ToneDeaf cites the song as a homage to Bruce Springsteen. “Meanwhile ‘Miracle Cure’ plums for a direct attack, including covert references to Springsteen’s full-hearted heroism (Female protagonist. Check. Defiant chorus. Double check).” Totally agree there Al! The song does evoke the spirit of the Boss. In fact for you Dempsey & Springsteen fans… I’ve put a little treat for you at the bottom of this post. ‘Deep Sea Divers’ has a fantastic duet with Dempsey and Bassist, Stephanie Ashworth. This is with-out-a-doubt my favourite song from the album.

‘This Economy’ kicks off the second half in a similar way to ‘Star-Crossed Citizens’ with a sweet sounding bass and Dempsey’s strong vocals lamenting the economy – “My money ain’t who she used to be”. ‘Back to Normal’ strikes me as a bit of a Killers sort of song. I could see Brandon Flowers singing this however I’m very glad it’s Dempsey. Expert use of a drum machine in ‘The Fireball At the End of Nothing’ gives you a track you can bob you head to. ‘Eureka’ is a little bit of a different sound for SFK but it works. In fact it’s similar to ‘Survival Experts’ when I said that it’s a great example of why they are so successful. It’s a strong track that really lifts you up… A great way to set up for the last track for the album, ‘Begin’ a slower song that features Dempsey’s rolling vocals. After ‘Eureka’ it mellows you out and completes the story. “There’s never been a better time to begin.” – Well put Dempsey.

The album is a return for a band that IS australian music and while they were a late 90’s/early 00’s sort of band, “Leave Your Soul to Science” breathes an invigorating new life in to Something For Kate. They have assembled one hell of an album here.

If you like me are a big fan of Paul Dempsey’s vocals… a) have a listen to his solo venture “Everything is True” and b) listen to this…

This is the only cover of this song I will except. All others need not apply.

Read Al Newstead’s review at ToneDeaf.

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