Ball Park Music – Museum (Album & Gig Review)

Ball Park Music released their second album “Museum” on Friday and to celebrate they performed a few songs from the new release and some hits from their first live in Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall. Ball Park Music are a group that formed as a uni project in Brisbane. Last year they released their first album, “Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs” with some of the material they had released between 2009 and 2011, including ‘iFly’ and ‘Sad Rude Future Dude’.

This year they’re back with “Museum”. The first single off the album, ‘Surrender’ is doing the rounds on the radio now, and I wouldn’t be surprised that you’ll be hearing either ‘Fence Sitter’ or ‘Great Display of Patience’ on the air waves shortly. On top of these three great songs from the new album, Ball Park Music performed ‘All I Wanted Was You’ and ‘It’s Nice to be Alive’ at the album launch in Brisbane. The band played to a few hundred BPM fans who and also signed copies for a line that snaked a fair way down the mall.

Back to the album. “Museum” is more of the same really. A lot of the songs are similar in sound to last years album. But right now… the band is sitting on a good thing, so there’s not real need to change. ‘Fence Sitter’ has a nice rocky sound to it and serves as a good opening to the album. While ‘Surrender’ is a little less ‘heavy’ (Sam the lead singer and guitarist plays acoustic for the song) still keeps with Ball Park Music’s popular and up-beat songs.

‘Coming Down’ is a slower song that really focuses on Sam’s vocals, the music is reasonably minimalistic, very chilled out and relaxing song. ‘Bad Taste Blues’ is a two part song that really don’t seem to fit together at all. However it does give the feeling of heading in to a bit of a rocky part of life (part 1) and while still in that rocky part you start to accept it or begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel (part 2). ‘Cry With One Eye’ is a simply piano driven song that is another one of those relaxing songs. ‘Great Display of Patience’ is one of my favourite tracks on this album and it’s a great song played live too. It’s a perfectly upbeat love song that I’ll listen to over and over and not get sick of it.

‘High Court’ is slower with a nice drum beat and bass strum that keeps you chilled till the middle of the song that picks up to a really nice crescendo. Sam’s vocals show a great range in ‘Pot of Gold’. The song’s melody changes constantly and Sam sings brilliantly with every change. ‘Pot of Gold’ is a great song! It moves nicely in to ‘Cost of Lifestyle’ that is simply a song about shit that we don’t need. ‘Harbour of Lame Ducks’ is another lazy listening song that Ball Park Music do so well. Last but not least is ‘What’s on Your Mind’ has some nice features reminiscent of some older 90’s rock stuff. With a little grunge to it.

Ball Park Music have stepped up their stuff but still kept with what they were going with on last years album. Great, simple and fun Ball Park Music.

Ball Park Music are also playing the Tivoli on the 3rd of November and Tickets are still on sale through Ticketek.

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