Sharpshooter – Hungry Kids of Hungary

Brisbane’s very own Hungry Kids of Hungary have released a new single ahead of their tour in October and November. The Sharp Shooter tour is named after the single ‘Sharp Shooter’ and is touring Brisbane, Sydney, Woolongong, Snug Cove, Melbourne and Adelaide.

‘Sharp Shooter’ is the first new material to be officially released from HKoH since their 2010 album ‘Escapades’, and it’s safe to say the band has grown up but have still kept what made the Hungry Kids a success over the last few years. It has some catchy riffs and a tune that feels familiar but a little hard to put a finger on.

It’s a fun track to listen to and If you’re driving when this comes on the radio or something like has happened to me, it’ll make you want to wind the windows down, or if your lucky enough take the roof off and just enjoy it. The Hungry Kids of Hungary have always been the sort of music to me that is fantastic for a road trip with a group of friends and this song is the same. In fact while I’m writing this and listening to the track I’m finding my self very keen to head up to the sunshine coast with this on full ball.

The Hungry Kids of Hungary will be performing at the Zoo on the 18th of October and the other locations mentioned in early November. For more information on the Sharp Shooter tour head to the band’s Facebook Page.

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