The Presets – Pacifica (Album Review)

By Nick Linde

After four years, one of Australia’s best electronic acts, the Presets have released their new album Pacifica. The Presets made it in to the Australian spotlight in 2008 after their second album Apocalypso won them a tonne of awards at the ARIAs including best group, best dance release and album of the year. Before that, their first album gained them a lot of success in the UK.Pacifica has a more underground club feeling with its underlying beat. But on top of that you feel as though the themes of the album are pretty chilled and laid back… I can understand the title, I’d like to listen to this album on a boat or at the beach. Especially the second single to come off the album, ‘Ghosts’. To best describe that song, I’d call it an electronic sea-shanty, something that hasn’t really graced my ears before (…with the exception of ‘Future Sailors’ by the Mighty Boosh).

‘Youth in Trouble’ is the first single and first track on the album. I’m not a huge fan of it. It honestly felt like a hangover from Apocalypso. It’s in the perfect position at the top of the album because I can start it at track 2 and go from there.

Other highlight tracks on the album are Promises, Push and Fast Seconds. Promises is very up beat and fun to listen to. Push is a more powerful track that is probably one of my favourites on the album and Fast Seconds has a really cool, almost funky bass track. The whole album doesn’t make you want to jump around like the tracks on Apocalypto… more like a sensual dance with a member of the opposing sex… think the Zion rave scene in the Matrix Reloaded.This album is really good to listen to on a chilled out Sunday afternoon… or if you’re on a boat… any time at all!

Pacifica by the Presets is out now in all good record stores. Hit up JB Hi-Fi if you want to get a sexy looking lenticular cover.

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