Anticipated New Release From The Killers

The Killers have released their first single in 4 years, and it’s one I’ve been holding out for. Runaways is the first single off their soon to be released fourth studio album Battle Born, due out in September. As the first live gig I ever went to without my parent’s in tow, there’s always been a soft spot in my heart for the four-piece rock band.

It’s clear from Runaways that the band have stuck to their classic sound of galloping beats and rawk guitars and I wouldn’t want it any other way. A bittersweet romantic ballad about teenage love and the mundane progression of life, Flowers’ distinct voice manages to bring an essence of romance into the song.

‘We used to look at the stars and confess our dreams
Hold each other to the morning light
We used to laugh, now we only fight
Baby are you lonesome now?’

Runaways has been referred to as an 80s style anthem, particularly peak-era Springsteen rock. The track isn’t quite as monolithic as ‘When You Were Young’ or ‘Somebody Told Me’ but it’s still got that Killer-esk epic chorus that is sure to make it another stadium-shaking hit.

Unfortunately the track lacks the catchy glam-rock that defined the last two albums and initially, the band itself. In parts the timing is off, particularly leading in to the chorus (We can’t wait ’til tomorrow), which makes it awkward to grasp the melody in some parts and hard(ish) to sing along to.

Fans around the globe have been waiting in anticipation for the band’s fresh release. In a recent interview Flowers said, “I’ve always felt good about this song. It’s exciting to think that we’re gonna be playing again – we want people to hear this new stuff.”

The Las Vegas band is hitting Australian shores in January to tour the Big Day Out festival circuit. Since age 14 I’ve had a crush on frontman Brandon Flowers and with optimistic expectations for their upcoming record, I doubt it’s going to waver any time soon.

Quote: NME. (2012). The Killers Unveil New Song ‘Runaways’.

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