Pitbull @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre


NOTE: I realise this post may bring shame to myself and my family.

On August 29, Pitbull lit up the stage of the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. Supporting ‘Mr Worldwide’ were Aussie dance/pop singer Timomatic, super sexy DJ Havana Brown and special guest Taio Cruz. Now, I am not a Pitbull fan, nor have I ever desired to see him live but I never let a free ticket to a show go to waste. Quite frankly, before Wednesday night I thought he was nothing more than a seedy Cuban rapper living in Miami and singing about booty. I was wrong (at least partly).

I had to make a conscious effort not to stare at some of the tragic outfits that graced the Entertainment Centre that night. White pants were a favourite, along with bling bling and perfectly formed sausage curls with enough hair spray to asphyxiate an entire army. I can gladly say I was not one of those people. Putting aside the general crowd of 25+ year old women and the odd male with way too much gel in his hair, the atmosphere that ‘Mr 305’ (whatever that means) created was awesome. His hips were, dare I say it, mesmerising.

Until now I had not realised just how successful Pitbull is. I don’t own a Pitbull album but I knew the words to every one of his songs, Spanish language excepted. I assumed there would be sexy, barely clothed backup dancers but no. He had a live band and DJ, no dancers, just lots of hips thrusting and grinding on both his (and my) behalf. The sunglasses never came off and the energy never stopped flowing.

I wasn’t sure how a rapper who mostly features in songs would design his set list. Nevertheless, Mr Worldwide is a fantastic entertainer and he definitely pulled out all the stops. Clearly Chris Brown, Enrique Iglesias and (insert name of ridiculously successful artist) weren’t going to be there in person, though I would probably faint if I saw Enrique. Instead, he played sections of the songs he featured in with the music video projected on a massive screen at the back. It was like a duet…but not really.

There’s no doubt that Pitbull/Mr Worldwide/Mr 305 definitely brought the house down with his energy, voice and songs. Hit after hit after hit. The supporting acts were fantastic, Taio Cruz could headline his own show which is impressive in itself. The live band created such a fantastic atmosphere and definitely added his amazing stage presence, ‘Hotel Room Service’ and ‘International Love’ were probably my favourites.

I don’t regret going to the gig. I would in fact, say that this was one of the better shows I have seen. Regardless of the crowd, regardless of the fact that I skip a Pitbull song if it comes up on my iPod, and regardless of my generally low expectations prior to the show, I do not in any way regret going to the Pitbull concert. I understand that I may be judged for this post and could possibly lose some die hard music friends but… Haters gonna hate!

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