Muse – The 2nd Law (Preview)

By Nick Linde

Popular UK band Muse are gearing up to the release of their sixth studio album. An album that I have been waiting for since their last album (The Resistance) came out in 2009. The new album’s track listing was leaked on twitter and some songs have already been released.

Survival, you may have heard it played live at the London Olympic Games Closing Ceremony, was released ahead of the Olympics and was used in BBC’s advertising as well. Pretty simple song. While not written for the Olympics, Matthew Bellamy (the lead singer) said that it was written with the Olympics in mind

“Unsustainable” is the second track released from the album. It was featured heavily in the trailer released about two months ago. A full version of the song with a video clip hit the net a little over a week ago.

The guitar-created ‘dub-step’ sound has been one that has caught the attention of some Muse fans I’ve talked to. The reaction has been pretty mixed. I find it sounds pretty awesome. It’s what you would find when listening to recent ‘electronic’ music with a twist, and it works. The lyrics if you can call them that (a news report) brings back in to light Matthew Bellamy’s serious love affair with conspiracy, and that’s whats great about this new album. It seems like it will go back to Muse’s themes around the Absolution and Black Holes & Revelations days.

“Madness” is the new one, it can be pitched as a U2 sounding song with a little wub.

Really good song lyrically in my mind. After the swing and misses in Survival and Neutron Star Collision it’s good to get some meaningful lyrics instead of ‘I love you forever (over and over again)’ and ‘I’m going to win, you’re going to lose (over and over again)’.

Muse’s new album The 2nd Law is out on September 28.

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