What does it really mean to be a DJ?

Nowadays anyone can go to JB Hifi, pick up some decks, connect their laptop and call themselves a DJ. And, judging by what I saw today at the Ekka Races, some people are doing exactly that.

I was on one of the dance floors today at the Eagle Farm Racecourse, dancing to some music. For some reason I found myself fixated on the DJ playing. It was peculiar; the end of one song was being mixed into the beginning of another, and yet he was still just jumping around, hands in the air. This continued for most of his set too, not just once. I thought people were only joking when they said some DJs just press play.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy electronic music and love seeing talented artists live who know what they’re doing. But I can not, and will not condone no-talent hacks who think it’s acceptable to put no effort in whatsoever at a live show. They need to go and learn a lesson from this guy.

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