Snakadaktal Dance Bear Tour @ The Hifi Brisbane

Friday August 10 saw teenage 5-piece Snakadaktal play at the Hi-fi in Brisbane. All I knew about the band was that they got their name by mixing ‘snake’ with ‘pterodactyl’ (pronounced teredaktel) but nothing about their music. Before leaving home I whipped out Spotify and had a quick listen to their catchy tune Dance Bear so that I knew at least one song that I could bop along to.

I walked up to the entrance of the Hi-fi, shivering in the 12 degree windy weather, if nothing else I just wanted to get inside ASAP. My friend bailed on me at the very last minute but these tickets were the first thing I’d ever won so after putting aside my shitty emotions, I decided to go it alone.

Live music venues are usually a bit dank, the carpet floors are apparently a necessity for decent live music venues to reduce re-verb however, the smell of alcohol and just general mustiness isn’t something to be envied. We’re here for the music, right? I was looking forward to hearing what the invented genre of ‘dream pop’ sounded like.

As I walked in, I was taken aback about how many people were at the gig. Were the 2011 Triple J Unearthed High winners even old enough to get into the Hi-fi? Beats me, but they definitely pulled a mixed bag crowd of impressive size.

Smoke machines clouded the room as we all waited in anticipation for the indie electro-pop music to start. As the band walked on, it was clear they were a little nervous and after a brief hello to the audience, Snakadaktal started playing.

Big paper star lights hanged from the roof. A very simplistic yet quite pretty way to do stage lighting on a budget. Each band member had a strip of glitter paint on their left cheek for what I can only assume to either be an attempt of continuity or dress-ups. They probably could have done without. The set was simple yet effective, which must be appreciated as somewhat of a rarity these days with the influx of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and numerous others.

Looking into the crowd, I could see the Indie-bop in full swing, heads bobbing around and even some arms flailing. The hipsters were really going at it! The chick behind me was dancing like a lunatic and hence, kept bumping me and spilling drinks. Don’t you hate those people? I mean yeah, have a good time… but seriously.

Chimera was a clear favourite. With lyrics like ‘Peter Pan fly her to school’  and ‘Gracious spaces we make’, everyone was starry-eyed listening to the beautifully soft feminine vocals. They had the whole crowd flying away with Peter Pan. Snakadaktal brought the crowd back down to Earth, ending the set with their current Triple J hit Dance Bear. Catchy and light hearted, I must admit I was doing a little bopping myself.

Split vocals between Phoebe (the only girl in the band) and Sean, when teamed with the electro pop goodness, cheerful synth melodies and ‘sound of now’ style, gives Snakadaktal’s music a special ability to sooth your mood, whatever it may be. Now I can see, or rather hear, why their music is described as ‘dream pop’. So dreamy! Their recently released EP is something I suggest you lend your ears to.

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