Young Men Dead Liven Up Brisbane

Young Men Dead are igniting a spark in the hearts of young music lovers everywhere with their catchy rhythms, clever lyrics and alternative quirky pop sounds. After seeing them for the second time at X&Y Bar in Fortitude Valley, it is obvious why they are one to keep an eye on. Their soon to be released debut EP is sure to be a solid first offering from the Brissy crew, with their distinct sound described as ‘tight, catchy, glitchy goodness.’

If you can imagine Vampire Weekend vs Passiont Pit, with a bit of Africa all mixed in to one… That’s how I would attempt to describe Young Men Dead’s music. Or you could listen for yourself here.

The band never missed a beat and lead singer David ‘Beaver’ Thomas definitely kept the crowd entertained with his onstage antics and oddly engaging but somewhat crazy eyes. Their youthful energy was captured through high tempo rhythms and upbeat vocal melodies, creating a uniquely fun atmosphere.

The set kicked off with an intro of tribal drum beat, followed by the synth and bass which led up to an all musical climax, and finally vocals for the first song ‘Calamity’. An impressive start, I had high expectations of what was to come and they didn’t disappoint

My favourite song had to be the second last song ‘Courageous’. The lively atmosphere had the crowd dancing, obviously the enthusiasm of the band had rubbed off on all of us. My only criticism is that they should have swapped the order of the last two songs so that the show really ended on a high, not that David jumping in to the crowd and dancing around like a maniac wasn’t entertaining enough.

There was a vast mix of people and I don’t think I saw anyone who wasn’t having a good time. Young Men Dead play a great live show and clearly they’re good at what they do and love doing it. They’re not pretentious, just ambitious.

After uploading their demos to Triple J Unearthed last year they’ve gained a loyal following, being described as, “an act with charisma, cheek and pure talent.” Young Men Dead are hitting the music scene in a big way, having supported acts including The Holidays, Jonathan Boulet, Kate Nash, Jinja Safari and Tim & Jean.

Last night’s show was described as ‘the end of an era’. More dramatic than it sounds, Young Men Dead will be debuting their new sounds when they support Rufus next Friday at Oh Hello!

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