Maybe Tomorrow – Chance Waters

I’m going to kick off this new blog with a song that’s currently making it’s way on to the radio waves. A great son by Sydney based hip-hop artist, Chance Waters. The song I heard on the radio and subsequently downloaded in iTunes is ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ a song about the ridiculousness of the mentality of the end of the world. The song has a catchy backing track, not something you’d usually hear in a rap, but I love the way hip-hop music is going in Australia, and this is a perfect example. The chorus is sung by another Sydney artist, Lilian Blue.

Chance has been around for a few years, previously going by the pseudonym PhatChance he was then in Sydney group Natural Causes, so he’s been around for a bit. This time though he has a more clean sound, a little more distinct from other Aussie artists. Under his old name the people who hadn’t heard him before could mistake him for the Hilltop Hoods because of the sound and voice. I’m keen to check out his new album I think it’ll be a step in the right direction.

The song’s light heated beat takes a stab at the kind of daunting lyrics about death and destruction as well as the ludicrous-ness of today’s generation who depend on the internet (which is the source for the global hysteria about the end of the world). Chance Waters expertly weaves his social commentary in to his lyrics.  Awesome song definitely worth a listen. The clip is really nicely done too!

You can catch Chance Waters live on tour this month along the east coast.

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