Ed Sheeran's Crazy New Vid

Everybody’s favourite Ron Weasley lookalike, the lovable Ed Sheeran, is at it again. First he was singing about drug-addicted prostitutes, now he’s on about broken-hearted alcoholics. Can you see a pattern emerging here? The song is simply and aptly named “Drunk”, which is the fourth single from his debut album “+”. The song itself is a serious affair, with lines like “Take words out of my mouth just from breathing/ Replace with phrases like when you’re leaving me”. However, the music video is anything but.

It tells the tale of a sad Ed who can’t seem to forget his ex. So, what else is there to do? Get drunk, form an amazing bromance with your talking cat, play playstation, go to the pub and pick up some ‘fit birds’. Definitely the logical solution. The amazing thing about Mr Sheeran is although he does seem to only write dreary acoustic ballads, he always finds a funny or light-hearted side to them.

Big things are on the horizon for Ed Sheeran. Not only is “Drunk” charting well, he’s just finished working with Taylor Swift on a new single for his second album, which shouldn’t be too far away. And for us Aussies, a tour has been confirmed for February to March 2013.

Check the video out below.

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